Grape Variety: Chardonnay 100%


Vineyards: located in the sweet and sunny hills that stretch from Calino to Cazzago S.M.


Exposure: south / south-east /south-west.

Harvesting period: first and second ten days of August.


Harvesting: harvesting is accomplished entirely by hand in small, 18 kg perforated crates.


Fermentation: The Franciacorta Boccadoro fine wines are obtained applying a rigorous fermentation protocol. This stems from the fermentation of the purest Chardonnay grapes from the farm's oldest vines (more than 15 years old).


Ageing: for a minimum of 25 months on yeasts in stacks in the farm's dark, cool cellars.


Average yield per hectare: not more than 87 quintals/hectare


Colour: brilliant golden yellow.


Aroma: delicate hints of yeast combined with the sweet hints of HONEY AND VANILLA.


Flavour: the low pressure (4.5 volumes) make this soft and silky Franciacorta pleasantly acidulous and lingering.


Notes: The wines are the result of work that seeks to preserve the flavour and aroma of the territory. The original taste of the grape is maintained, obtained through the right combination of tradition and technology.